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Top 3 Self-Care Tips

The multiple hats that I currently wear leave very little time for self-care. While I know a lot of people are busier than I am, I do still feel my plate is very full. I’m a full-time graduate student, I have three cats and a husband to take care of, a house to manage, a side business, a part-time job, and I try to squeeze in non-school related writing somewhere in the cracks.

I could also include things like I require more than the prescribed 7-8 hours of sleep per night and making time for family and friends, etc… But the point is, everyone is busy and everyone (or almost) that I know never takes enough time to care for themselves.


I’m the biggest cheerleader for the idea that you can’t take of others until you take care of yourself. But, you don’t need me to list the reasons. Instead, here are my top 3 self-care activities:

  1. Meditation
    I learned to meditate through the trial version of Headspace. I didn’t continue by paying for it, but instead just expanded on the technique. I liked the method/theory behind this type of breath meditation. There are many, many, MANY types of meditation, though. This is the easiest type for me to tap into quickly when I need to, if only for five minutes. Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now also helped me to re-frame how I see meditation.
  2. Showering Daily
    I know that this seems more routine than self-care, but I’m the type of person that will go two or three days without a shower if I don’t leave the house. Personal hygiene is incredibly important for mental health. People have varying opinions on how frequent people should shower, but daily works best for me and my brain. There’s something about starting the day with a hot shower that wakes me up and feel ready to tackle the day.
  3. Video Games
    We all need one hobby that allows our brains to escape the daily drone. My preferred form of escapism is video games, preferably JRPGs and PVE MMOs. Good story, long game play, and no stress or anxiety about having to beat someone else (but, maybe that’s my only child poking out). The point is, find your preferred way to escape (most writers go to books) and to make time for it. I might be a bit guilty of making too much time for mine. 😉

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