My Work

Having a wide range of interests, I also have a wide range of what I do in my spare time. I often push the fiction/nonfiction boundary in my writing while helping friends and clients with their own writing projects as a proofreader and editor. With a background in IT, I combine my technical knowledge with my unrelenting need to play with words, pictures, and the female form.


Five:2:One Magazine, forthcoming

Ace and Cyborg
Poydras Review, December 24, 2018

portrait of: Embraces
Five:2:One, #thesideshow, August 21, 2018

animals: a h(a)unting
Clockwise Cat, Issue 39, page 41

Occupied Spaces
Origami Journal, Spring/Summer 2018

Peach Fuzz, 2017
Print Only

No Dads, No Boyfriends
DIY Chapbook, 2016

Spry Literary Journal, 2014


Humans: A Study” by Rachel Aston Warren
Prolegomenom Publishing, 2016

R A W: Poetry and Prose for the Queer, Sentient Being by Rachel Aston Warren
Prolegomenom Publishing, 2016

The Cessation of Love” by Rachel Aston Warren
Prolegomenom Publishing, 2015

Player Retention” by James Cordrey, Stephen Rowland, and Eric Pettersen.
Qiwi Trails, 2014


Recken Press

Coming soon!

Narrative Designer
Digital Future Lab

The Digital Future Lab (DFL) is a game studio and more — we’re a design slam, mixing research, social justice, performance, speculative design, commercial game dev, and any other discipline we can include to make objects with meaning, both physical and virtual. DFL is part of the University of Washington Bothell, operating as both an academic research center and independent design studio

Fiction & Nonfiction Reader
Front Porch Journal

Front Porch is the online literary journal of Texas State University’s MFA program. Founded in 2006 by MFA students, Front Porch publishes exceptional poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, and interviews.


826CHI is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.